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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update 2012 - Changes Afoot!!

*** UPDATE: January 2012 ***

Several things have changed about the adoption process for NRIs since the time of our writing this blog. CARA issued new adoption guidelines in July 2011 and created a new online registration system which fundamentally change the way PAPs are linked with a RIPA.

Some key changes:
(*) You can no longer directly approach an orphanage with your HSR. Your EFAA must submit your HSR to CARA whose selection committee will then match you with an orphanage. (you can indicate your preferred city/state)
(*) A new monthly quota on applications will be applied by CARA.
(*) Inter-country adoption fee is now USD 5000, up from the old 3500.

The complete set of CARA's new guidelines is up here:
==> Guidelines Governing the Adoption of Children - 2011

Read about the monthly quota system here:
==> Submitting HSR to CARA and Monthly Quota System
(PDF document - download the free Adobe Reader software if you are unable to open this file)

We are about to commence our journey towards adopting a second child from India, so we'll be navigating our ship through these perilous new waters too. ;) We seek your good wishes and blessings for our children ...

As always, we would love to hear from you! :) Write to us at Good Luck and Godspeed!