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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1) About Us & Objectives

We are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) couple living in Singapore. We decided to adopt our child from India some time ago and having gone through the process, want to share our experience.

We hope that the few notes we have made here will be useful to other individuals/couples considering, or already midway through the process of adopting a child from India.

The primary aim of this blog is to record factual information that can be of practical benefit to other adoptive parents. Specifically, if you are an NRI considering adopting a child from Mumbai, you'll find some valuable information and insights here.

This blog does not record our personal motivations or emotions as we journeyed through the process. There are several adoption blogs in the blogosphere whose authors have been generous in sharing their most intimate moments of ups and downs, and many of these stories are deeply touching and inspirational.

Feel free to write to us at if you have any queries or comments about the information presented on this site or the adoption process in general. If your experience varied in some respect, do share your stories in the comment sections under each heading, so other readers can benefit. If the URL links on any of the pages are broken, again do let me know.

The many striking images that appear on this blog have been shamelessly plagiarized from other websites owned by souls far more artistically gifted than I will ever be. Since I never intend to profit commercially from this blog, I hope if you own the rights to any of these pictures and drop by this blog, you will be magnanimous enough to let them be. But if you have strong objections, I understand - please drop me a line, and I will cease and desist.

Best wishes for your adoption journey,

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