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Thursday, March 11, 2010

20) Applying for a Passport for our Adopted Child

You can apply for your child's passport in the RPO closest to where you have some form of proof of address in India. (yes I know how ironic that sounds for an NRI). We applied for and got our kid's passport issued in Kerala.

*) Forms to be submitted:

1. Main Application Form 1:

2. Annexure 'H' - Declaration of Applicant Parent for Minor's Passport - typed on plain paper and signed by both parents:

*) Supporting documents we used for the application:

1. Copy of the Adoption Order from the Mumbai Civil & Sessions Court

2. Copy of the Registered Adoption Deed

3. Proof of DOB for Minor Applicant: Attested copy of our child's Birth Certificate issued by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation listing us as parents. (Note: Birth Certificate is a MANDATORY document for issue of minor passport)

4. Proof of Address of Father: Ration Card with address listing my name & a Bank passbook with address listing my name (you can also use any of several other documents - passport, PAN card, voter ID, driving license etc. Incidentally, I couldn't use my passport as proof of residence address because it was issued elsewhere. The documents you can use for proof of address are listed in Item 54 in Table 3 in this document)

5. Attested copies of both parents' passports. If your spouse's name is not endorsed on your passport, you'll need to get this done prior.

6. Specimen thumb prints of both thumbs of the child on a plain sheet of paper. (this was required because the thumb print on the application form got smudged and couldn't be scanned)

7. Two passport-sized photos of our child.

The official list of documents to be submitted for passport applications for children adopted by foreign parents also includes the NOC from CARA and the guarantee executed before the court, (see Table 2 here), but these are not required for Indian parents and we were not asked to submit them.

*) Some other useful observations:

a) You don't need to fill in the Personal Particulars form - it is not required for a minor's passport application, because there is no police verification carried out.

b) This also means the passport can be issued faster - the Malappuram office promised to dispatch our child's passport on the 4th working day after application for the normal non-Tatkaal fee. To our incredulity, the RPO actually said he would issue the very same day for Tatkaal (!!), but we could wait, so we did.

c) You don't need to take your child along to the passport office (which anywhere in India is always a zoo), but if you do, you'll be allowed to jump to the head of the queue by sympathetic ushers.

d) Minor passports in India are issued for 5 years only.

e) A common doubt regarding the applicant's signature in Form 1 is answered on the Passport Office website's FAQ:

Q: On my child's passport application, it asks for my child's signature in the box below the box for photograph; my child is a new born, so should I sign in the box?

A: In case of minors, the signature/thumb impression box below the box for photograph should contain the minor’s signature or thumb impression as the case may be. Minor’s parents should NOT put their signature or thumb impression in this box. The signature/thumb impression box given at the end of the application form should contain signature or thumb impression of either parent/guardian as the case may be. In the given case, if the minor cannot sign, thumb impression of the minor should be put in the box.

    f) Detailed instructions for filling in the passport application form are available at the Passport Office website

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