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Sunday, March 7, 2010

24) Feedback

We would love to hear from you. Comments or suggestions to improve this site, corrections / updates to factual information, alerts to broken URL links, or simply your own experiences with adopting from India (or elsewhere) are welcome.

We also welcome any queries you may have about the adoption process. Just keep in mind that we are not adoption agents or adoption experts, simply a couple who has travelled the adoption road and survived to tell the tale. At best, any advice we may have to offer will be reflective of our own experience and as with everything else, your mileage may vary. Also, do make the effort to read through the CARA website - many of your queries may already be answered there.

Write to us at We wish each one of you the very best always.



  1. Hi,

    We are going in for an adoption of a baby girl. Would like to know the details of the medical exam. Do they allow us to do the medical exam or do we just have to accept a medical certificate they give us. Also, could you please please let me know what all are the tests done on the baby before adopting.

    Thanks a ton for your help in advance.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Congratulations on your decision to adopt!

    Once the orphanage makes a referral to you, they will generally allow you to take the child for evaluation to a paediatrician of your choice in the same city.

    The orphanage had performed the following tests in the report they gave us:

    - V.D.R.L (test for syphilis)
    - Tuberculosis
    - Chest X-ray
    - Urine & Stool Analysis
    - Blood
    - HIV
    - Australia Antigen (Hepatitis B)
    - BERA (hearing test)

    They had also performed all the usual vaccinations - BCG, DPT, poliomyelitis, Hep B and measles.

    A good agency will allow you to have the child's health independently evaluated before you accept the referral. Our agency put it this way: "We only want you to accept the referral after you have got answers on all counts of concern to you and feel informed enough to make a decision".

    Of course, as adoptive parents, we must also be reasonable and not subject the poor child to a battery of tests.

    Wish you all the best and feel free to ping me if you need any further information.


  3. Dear RM,
    My husband and I adopted a baby girl recently and I write in to thank you!
    While researching on the topic of all the paperwork one has to go through we came upon your site and I cannot begin to tell you how much this has helped us!
    Your blogsite has been a hand-holder to us and of invaluable help.
    We followed the steps down to a T and though I have some updates to put down (things having become easier in some areas in this time) I want to say you have been a big part of our whole process.
    Thank you seems so small but really I cannot think of a phrase more heartfelt.
    I have written about this site in our baby's baby book. Later on I want her to know that when one makes up one's mind, help in large, generous measures comes from the most unexpected sources.
    With our deepest affection

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Hearty congratulations! :) We relive our own happiness every time we hear of a child being placed with a good family. And thank you for your very kind remarks, glad to know the site was of help to you. Do publish your own experiences too! ... for the benefit of others who will come after you.


  5. Dear RM,

    We are singapore PR, cosidering to adopt a child from india....if we want to adopt a relative's child for cousin's child, do we still have to do Home Study report, and go through all the steps or probably we can skip some of the steps...thanks

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    CARA allows Family Adoptions, but yes, you do need to complete the HSR. I'm not really sure if you could skip other steps such as legalization and registration. Here's the relevant (old) CARA page:

    CARA recently published new guidelines for 2011 - this supersedes the earlier 2004 version.
    This is available at

    Best Wishes,

  7. Dear RM,

    We want to do HSR with TOUCH for baby adoption from India but the wait is rather long. Does CARA recognizes other accredited agencies by MCYS?
    Since we are adopting a relative's child TOUCH says its okay to do HSR with other agencies. However, we are not convinced. Any advice? Thanks.

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    From a reading of the CARA guidelines (2e,7d,7f,39 in Part I), I think it'll be mandatory for NRIs in Singapore to go with Touch. You only have the option to go with another agency if you live in a country where there's no CARA-authorized AFAA. (and that has to be approved by the local Indian embassy)

    Have you considered completing the adoption domestically in India? Is that an option for you?

    Best Wishes,

  9. Hi!
    We just completed the process upto getting court order and about register the deed of adoption. I was going through the web search and found this your web link. such good amount of work you have done, i must give many thanks to you. Most important is small tips before/after even sample of documents! i can say it's great work!
    Our is domestic, we have our daughter in our home and have feeling "JOY of Adoption".
    Sopan Ghadge

  10. Dear Sopan,

    Thank you for your kind comments! :) It's a pleasure to be of help in any small way. Congratulations and wish you both and your little one every manner of happiness!


  11. Hi,

    You have articulated very nicely on the minutest details chronologically...

    How long did all the procedures take??
    The adoption order>?
    Adoption Deed>?
    Birth certificate>?

    As in when did u land in India and returne bk with all procedures done?
    Could you share the contact details of your solicitor in Mumbai.So that people like us would be rest assured that he is affluent with all procedures and timelines..

    1. Hi Anonymous, thank you for the kind comments! Have a look at the 5) Timeline section for our timelines, though these tend to vary widely. We did not have to engage an attorney ourselves, the orphanage had their own lawyer for all the court procedures. Please email me at if you want her contact details.