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Monday, March 8, 2010

23) Useful Links

1. Central Adoption Resource Authority (India) Web Pages:
     1.1. Frequently Asked Questions
     1.2. Guidelines for Inter-Country Adoptions
     1.3. Eligibility Criteria for Foreign Prospective Adoptive Parents
     1.4. Tentative Timeline for Placement of Children in Inter-Country Adoption (joke)
     1.5. List of Recognized Indian Placement Agencies arranged statewise
     1.6. List of Enlisted Foreign Agencies for Adoption arranged countrywise

2. India Adoption Support Groups and Informational Websites:
     2.1. The NRI-ICHILD Yahoo Group - a mailing list for NRI families who are interested in adopting from India
     2.2 The ICHILD Yahoo Group - excellent source of information, very active and current
     2.3. ICHILD: India Adoption Resources - lots of good information, though mostly US-centric
     2.4. Process for adopting a child from India - this page on ICHILD has specific information for US-based NRIs
     2.5. Karmayog Adoption Page
     2.6. PGCAI - People's Group for Child Adoption in India
     2.7. Raji Krishna Adoption Seva - a slightly dated site, but contains useful information nonetheless, esp. for US-based NRIs
     2.8. Catalysts for Social Action - a Pune-based adoption NGO
     2.9. Atmaja - a community-based organization of adoptive parents from West Bengal
     2.10. Sudatta - a Bangalore-based adoptive parents association
     2.11. Kerala Kids Yahoo Group - a mailing list for parents who are adopting or who have adopted from Kerala
3. Touch Community Services - the only CARA-recognized EFAA in Singapore as at April 2010

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